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I’ve been doing web development for about 10 years now and I love what I do. However, it isn’t very often that I get to work with a subject that I am truly passionate about like skiing. I’ve been skiing since about 7th grade and of all of the outdoor activities I enjoy skiing is by far my favorite. There is just something about the freedom and the flow of the sport that fascinates me. This is why when Mark Kogelmann, professional skier and owner of Soulryders Adventure Productions, contacted me and asked me for my opinion on his website I was ecstatic to be involved

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His question to me was “Can you look at my website and give me your opinion.” It was a pretty simple question with a rather complicated answer; one that I would try to answer as concisely as possible. It boiled down to four main problems: branding, corporate identity, call to action, and content organization.  First Branding: there simply wasn’t any. You couldn’t even find the company name or tagline located on the front page. I actually added the company name to their site prior to the redesign so people would know who they were. Corporate identity: it was very difficult to determine what business the company was in by visiting their website. There was no clear branding, taglines, or mission statement that told a visitor who they are or what they did. Call to action: there was nothing on the site that directed visitors into a course of action to interact with their content or purchase anything. Site organization of content was another major problem. The main page was a simple blog roll with no categorization or organization of content posts. This made it very difficult to find and scroll through content. This would result in users bouncing off the site to more engaging organized media outlets, most likely to his competition.


The solution was to build a new website that capitalized on the great video content being produced by Soulryders. We also engaged some of their athletes to write great articles about their amazing travels to add depth of content. We added several elements to the site to make it more engaging. We put rotating images at the top of the page to inform visitors of major new articles and events. Since Soulryders has many talented athletes, we put a featured athlete section to highlight athlete’s profiles prominently on the site. We broke up the content into different types so it’s easy for the user to find what they want. We’ve displayed the content in different categories on the front page and around the site in a “tiled” format.

Website Developement Soulrdyers New Site Screenshot



The problems with the previous site were solved in the following ways. Branding: we added a clear logo that stands out from the rest of the page with the company name designed into the logo so it’s clear to the user. Corporate Identity: this was also solved in with the addition of a tagline into the logo. “Adventure Video Productions” was added below the company name so it is now clear to the user what Soulryders does. This was also solved by adding clear content types within the site and menu structure. Call to action: this was addressed with the use of scrolling images and featured articles and videos that call the user to interact with them directly and create interest to return in the future. Content organization: dividing their content into clear categories and displaying it in well-organized areas on the front page and menu system solved this problem. It is now much easier for users to findcontent that matches their interest. Emphasis was also placed on making Soulryders look edgy and cool to fit the user demographic who will mostly be teens and young adults.


If you want to see more of the work we did on Soulryders, there website address is If you need web development or your site is in need of a redesign, don’t hesitate to contact us at our website via email at or by phone (814)826-1760. We can take your website from disastrous to dynamic!

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