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Old Design Gets Modern Update

The website for Continental Real Estate, Inc. was outdated and suffering from many issues. It was not ranking well in the search engines, clumsy to update and not visually appealing. That’s when Continental turned to the web design company State College trusts for answers.

Continental Real Estate Old Site web design state college


Before the Redesign


One of the largest problems for the site was the static pages. Built before content management systems became the standard, every page had to be manually updated, which was time-consuming and sometimes presented inconsistencies to the visitor. Continental was unable to keep information updated in real-time, especially data regarding apartments for rent. This made its web presence uncompetitive.

The old site was not optimized for search engines. Over 11 years online, the site had only 46 keywords and was on page six in Google results. As it was also lacking in tacking analytics, Continental had no idea how it was performing or even what its traffic was. This played a role in the poor SEO and kept Continental’s web presence from reaching its full potential.

Worst of all, the website was not responsive for visitors and did not present well on mobile devices. It also utilized Flash elements, which are outdated, crash older browsers and do not appear at all to those using certain smartphones and tablets. A lack of a search function made finding information difficult and was most likely discouraging potential clients.

Continental Real Estate needed a fresh look, with added functionality and support for mobile, which the majority of its visitors are using today.


Continental Real Estate New Site web design state college


After the Redesign


Being that Continental is a real estate firm, it needed a dynamic solution for the daily updates its web presence requires. WordPress was the CMS of choice, for both added functionality and ease of use. Anyone in the office can edit content and upload images. 

The modern design is responsive, which means it will present well and be consistent for both web and mobile visitors. The layout itself is user-friendly, with clear navigation at the top and large, visual shortcuts to important sections of the website. A robust search feature, which includes fields for type of rental, bedrooms and bathrooms, and price, was added to quickly direct visitors to the listings they require. 

Since rental information changes daily, the site can be instantly updated by web or mobile to reflect what properties are available. An agent can write out the listing, take photos and immediately load the data to the website. The new dynamic features allow for a more streamlined flow of information, which is beneficial to both Continental and its users.

Improved SEO has increased the ranking for Continental’s site for 150 keywords. Much of this improvement is due to fresh content and optimized content and alt text and meta descriptions that make it more easily indexed by search engine spiders. The improved user experience has resulted in more traffic and interaction, which also contributes to a better score. 

Most of all, the website is visually attractive to visitors. Large, sliding images capture the eye and draw a person in to begin searching and exploring. The front page presents Continental Real Estate Management, INC as an authority on rentals for college students and also provides rental application forms to save potential tenants an extra step. Continental’s web presence is now a positive experience for both agents and users.

While some businesses choose to stay with a stale, outdated design because of a fear of upgrading, this could be detrimental to both SEO and visitors. In most cases, updating a site is not complicated and the benefits of doing so can be seen immediately. Hiring experts in web design State College respects can transform a bland website into a modern showcase that boosts business and SEO.



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