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state college web design and seoShould you design your website for site visitors or does your focus need to be on the search engines? This is a question many business owners ask, yet still struggle to find the right answer. Actually, the key to success lies in finding a nice mix of the two. Thankfully, the search engines are helping with this. For example, Google continues to find new ways to mimic the human experience when crawling web pages. The problem is that there are still certain things these crawlers cannot do, and this can diminish the user experience while boosting SEO efforts or vice versa. For this reason, Google recommends web deign in state college pa, focus on the user at all times. The SEO will naturally come along when a company chooses this option.

Throughout the early years of the Internet, web designers found they could easily move a site up in the search engines simply by adding the keyword more times than competitors. This is no longer the case, as search engine algorithms have advanced significantly over the years. Although keywords still form the foundation of any web design process, companies need to realize there are multiple factors they need to be addressing. Website navigation is one factor, as sites need to make the site user-friendly to move up in the search engine ranks. The information presented needs to be user-friendly and easily accessible to the search engines for the best results.

Social media engagement continues to increase in importance also. Facebook now leads the entire Internet in terms of visitors, and Twitter holds a major spot in networks of this type. The search engines now recognize the importance of these networks and factor them into the ranking of a site. Business owners need to remember this and ensure they are making social media a major part of their SEO campaign and create content that is easily shared across these sites. A company specializing in web design in state college pa, can be of aid with this.

Mobile websites play a role in the usability and searchability of a website, a fact which needs to be remembered at all times as more searches now occur on mobile devices than on laptops and desktops. This is true for a number of countries also, not just America. Mobile web development needs to be a focus also, as the number of portable device users will only continue to increase. When a company overlooks this simple fact, they will find they not only drop in the search engine rankings, but they will also be losing customers who cannot view their site properly on a mobile device.

Infinite scrolling needs to be factored into the equation. Although it is nice for new content to load every time a viewer scrolls down, web crawlers don’t handle this technology as easily. As a result, Google may not see all a website has to offer and rank it lower as a result. In addition, click-to-expand needs to be used sparingly, as there continues to be much discussion as to whether or not the search engines index any pages hidden by these tabs. Finally, companies cannot rely too heavily on images. Doing so can lead to the lowering of a site’s ranking, especially when the images are of poor quality or a company makes use of numerous stock images.

Keep the above in mind when choosing a company for web deign in state college pa. The right company can assist you in finding the appropriate balance between various elements of your page. Whether you need help with responsive web design or need a web designer to help with all aspects of the site design, you need to utilize these resources, as doing so will benefit your company in numerous ways.

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