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state college web design and seoShould you design your website for site visitors or does your focus need to be on the search engines? This is a question many business owners ask, yet still struggle to find the right answer. Actually, the key to success lies in finding a nice mix of the two. Thankfully, the search engines are helping with this. For example, Google continues to find new ways to mimic the human experience when crawling web pages. The problem is that there are still certain things these crawlers cannot do, and this can diminish the user experience while boosting SEO efforts or vice versa. For this reason, Google recommends web deign in state college pa, focus on the user at all times. The SEO will naturally come along when a company chooses this option.

Throughout the early years of the Internet, web designers found they could easily move a site up in the search engines simply by adding the keyword more times than competitors. This is no longer the case, as search engine algorithms have advanced significantly over the years. Although keywords still form the foundation of any web design process, companies need to realize there are multiple factors they need to be addressing. Website navigation is one factor, as sites need to make the site user-friendly to move up in the search engine ranks. The information presented needs to be user-friendly and easily accessible to the search engines for the best results.

Social media engagement continues to increase in importance also. Facebook now leads the entire Internet in terms of visitors, and Twitter holds a major spot in networks of this type. The search engines now recognize the importance of these networks and factor them into the ranking of a site. Business owners need to remember this and ensure they are making social media a major part of their SEO campaign and create content that is easily shared across these sites. A company specializing in web design in state college pa, can be of aid with this.

Mobile websites play a role in the usability and searchability of a website, a fact which needs to be remembered at all times as more searches now occur on mobile devices than on laptops and desktops. This is true for a number of countries also, not just America. Mobile web development needs to be a focus also, as the number of portable device users will only continue to increase. When a company overlooks this simple fact, they will find they not only drop in the search engine rankings, but they will also be losing customers who cannot view their site properly on a mobile device.

Infinite scrolling needs to be factored into the equation. Although it is nice for new content to load every time a viewer scrolls down, web crawlers don’t handle this technology as easily. As a result, Google may not see all a website has to offer and rank it lower as a result. In addition, click-to-expand needs to be used sparingly, as there continues to be much discussion as to whether or not the search engines index any pages hidden by these tabs. Finally, companies cannot rely too heavily on images. Doing so can lead to the lowering of a site’s ranking, especially when the images are of poor quality or a company makes use of numerous stock images.

Keep the above in mind when choosing a company for web deign in state college pa. The right company can assist you in finding the appropriate balance between various elements of your page. Whether you need help with responsive web design or need a web designer to help with all aspects of the site design, you need to utilize these resources, as doing so will benefit your company in numerous ways.

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State College, Pa. – Continental Real Estate Management will celebrate the 10-year anniversary of their partnership with Lenwood Apartments in State College, Pa. Since the partnership began in 2004, the two organizations have worked together to achieve their goal of providing quality, affordable housing to Penn State students.

Together, the two companies have worked hard to provide quality service to their customers, and they hope to continue their collaboration for many years to come.

Lenwood Apartments was founded in 1968. The apartments are locally owned and have been praised for their solid construction, large size, and convenient locations. The apartments are sold at a reasonable price, with all utilities included. The four complexes that make up Lenwood Apartments are located within walking distance to Penn State’s campus, downtown shopping, and CATA bus stops. Each apartment complex includes laundry facilities and optional on-site parking.

Continental Real Estate Management has worked hard to establish a well-known and trusted image with the people of State College since their creation 30 years ago.

Many Penn State students hope to find housing that is close to campus through a real estate management company they can rely on. Since the whole family behind Continental has earned degrees from Penn State, they understand what students want in a rental property.

Continental has also recently made strides to become more technologically available to their customers. The company has hired a local company called R&R Online Enterprises, LLC to re-design their website. The new website design will appeal to college students, and it will also be more user friendly, especially for mobile devices.

Continental Real Estate Management is a full-service property management and real estate management firm. It is a family owned business, with two generations currently providing service to State College residents. Founded in 1986, the company’s mission has always been to provide quality, professional property management services for all of their clients and customers.

Continental’s portfolio includes over 770 rental properties as well as 80 condominiums and homeowner’s associations. The company employs a staff with decades of experience. Together they use their real estate knowledge to manage their client’s investments and provide quality and affordable housing to State College and its surrounding areas.

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responsive design state collegeAs technology moves along and creates new products and ideas, as does web design. So far, halfway through 2014, we are recognizing the “Top Three Trends” that are the most important changes to web design.

These three trends will keep professionals up-to-date and current with the rapidly growing and improvement of connectivity and technology. Surprisingly, in such an intricate line of work, the changes web designers should be aware of are amazingly simple to create and adapt, but still pack a powerful punch.


Responsive design represents the fact that having a set website is now becoming a thing of the past. People no longer just use a desktop computer or laptop to access Internet information anymore. The majority of people are using additional devices like smartphones and tablets. Using smaller devices means smaller screens, and smaller screens do not allow an easy navigation through endless information and content with pictures and illustrations.

Websites need to streamline in order to be easily accessible. They must be easy to use and work on multiple devices, and this is something that is becoming the standard. It is critical that businesses follow this trend, especially small businesses, because it is too easy to get lost in the shuffle with a large, expansive website. Internet users will be looking for a site that is user-friendly and easy access for their smaller gadgets. Furthermore, without updating to newer standards, websites will not benefit in search engines such as Google. Having only a desktop computer-friendly website can lower your ranking.


In order to streamline your website, simplicity has to be implemented. By adopting a professional, simple design does not mean that you have to have a boring, bland, generic format. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. By employing website designers or design teams, they are able to determine what is unnecessary on a site, and what is integral. They are trained to create the best website that will promote the services and/or businesses they represent. In addition, web design professionals can perform split testing on your updated website to gauge responses and find out what customers/site visitors like and dislike. Simple doesn’t reflect laziness; on the contrary, simplicity reflects seamless, streamlined professional work.


Once you’ve cut away the unneeded portions of your website, you are able to concentrate on the important aspects of your site. By doing so, you have the option of becoming more creative and allowing visitors to have a fun and enjoyable time on your site. Website Designers are aware of many ways to turn your website into a place people want to go to. For example, the “Storytelling Design” is an idea of using the webpage’s information and imagery like an open book, because the viewer is reading your information like a story as they are scrolling down their screen.

That is just one example of the design trends that work in giving your website the sharp, creative edge over competitors. Working with a web designer or team will offer you the most recent ways to keep your website in the now.

Certainly, as 2014 continues, we will wait and watch for the next up and coming trends for web design. As for now, implementing the three trends mentioned in the above will show you have your website on the pulse of what works.

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Responsive Webdesign State College PAMobile-friendly websites are increasingly important because of the rapid increase in the use of smartphones and tablets instead of desktops.

If your digital marketing strategy is dependent on SEO, then it is crucial to have a mobile-friendly website.

At this time desktop sales are less than mobile sales, and soon desktop usage will be less than mobile internet usage. Evidently, mobile search will exceed desktop search sometime in the near future.

Companies that depend on SEO should be changing to mobile-friendly web sites and responsive web design since 67 percent of users are found to prefer to make purchases from mobile-friendly websites.

One of the hottest topics of debate is whether to choose between a responsive website or separate websites for mobile usage. Either option has its advantages and disadvantages.

There are many things to consider when deciding which is best for your business like your targeted audience, SEO dependence, and the general purpose of the website.

Responsive design is the best option when SEO is important for your businesses site for these three reasons:

1. Google Recommends Responsive Design

Google is by far the leading search engine with 67 percent of the market. They are recommending responsive design for mobile applications and that it is the best option for the industry as a whole. Google carries a lot of weight with search marketers.

The reason for Google’s recommendation is that responsive design sites only use one URL and HTML for all of the devices. This makes it easier and more efficient for them to crawl and index, and for content organization. Other sites require a separate URL and HTML for their desktop versions and for their mobile device versions. This means Google has to crawl and index all of the different versions of the same site.

Another advantage of responsive web design that Google likes is that users can share, interact with, and link to content easily across all of their different devices, because all of the content is on one website and URL.

Google now considers user-experience as an important ranking factor. If a mobile user shares content on social media with a friend using a desktop, the friend will see the content like it would appear on the stripped down mobile version. This is a substandard user-experience and can effect the site ranking. This is crucial for SEO considerations.

2. Each Device Uses One Website

User-experience is greatly enhanced when responsive design is used. An increasing amount of different devices and screen sizes make it impossible to optimize your site so users can find it easily using any device. A more consistent user-experience can be achieved using responsive design rather than a separate program for each specific device and screen size. Responsive design makes many devices able to access one web site consistently despite all of the variety of devices.

Following is one example of a real life scenario. During a break a worker searches for a product using a smartphone and finds one site. More research is needed but the break ends. At home the worker wants to continue researching the same site but wants to use a desktop instead of the smartphone.

If this person is unlucky and the smartphone search result was a dedicated mobile site, frustration will ensue because the desktop version of the site will have to be used to search for and find the particular product all over again. A responsive site eliminates this frustration. The user-experience is more positive because the person can access the same site that was on the smartphone on a desktop or any other different device. This eliminates the need to start the search over again for different devices.

3. Simpler Site Management

SEO campaigns are simpler with responsive websites. There is no need for separate SEO campaigns for each desktop and mobile site. This can save time which is an important advantage for site management.

On the other hand sometimes it is necessary to have separate mobile SEO strategies from the desktop version. Sometimes keywords need to be optimized differently for mobile device searches.

When a person is searching for a restaurant on a mobile device, the word “nearby” might be used more often in the mobile search engine. Many specific keywords that might be used for mobile devices can also be used in the responsive design site and eliminate the need for separate sites for different devices and separate SEO strategies.

In Conclusion
Is Google correct in recommending responsive design? The advantages are many. A superior user experience for all different devices is the most important aspect for SEO strategies. This makes managing your keyword and SEO strategies simpler, faster and more efficient. These are the reason that responsive web design is a must for any mobile SEO strategy.

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Old Design Gets Modern Update

The website for Continental Real Estate, Inc. was outdated and suffering from many issues. It was not ranking well in the search engines, clumsy to update and not visually appealing. That’s when Continental turned to the web design company State College trusts for answers.

Continental Real Estate Old Site web design state college


Before the Redesign


One of the largest problems for the site was the static pages. Built before content management systems became the standard, every page had to be manually updated, which was time-consuming and sometimes presented inconsistencies to the visitor. Continental was unable to keep information updated in real-time, especially data regarding apartments for rent. This made its web presence uncompetitive.

The old site was not optimized for search engines. Over 11 years online, the site had only 46 keywords and was on page six in Google results. As it was also lacking in tacking analytics, Continental had no idea how it was performing or even what its traffic was. This played a role in the poor SEO and kept Continental’s web presence from reaching its full potential.

Worst of all, the website was not responsive for visitors and did not present well on mobile devices. It also utilized Flash elements, which are outdated, crash older browsers and do not appear at all to those using certain smartphones and tablets. A lack of a search function made finding information difficult and was most likely discouraging potential clients.

Continental Real Estate needed a fresh look, with added functionality and support for mobile, which the majority of its visitors are using today.


Continental Real Estate New Site web design state college


After the Redesign


Being that Continental is a real estate firm, it needed a dynamic solution for the daily updates its web presence requires. WordPress was the CMS of choice, for both added functionality and ease of use. Anyone in the office can edit content and upload images. 

The modern design is responsive, which means it will present well and be consistent for both web and mobile visitors. The layout itself is user-friendly, with clear navigation at the top and large, visual shortcuts to important sections of the website. A robust search feature, which includes fields for type of rental, bedrooms and bathrooms, and price, was added to quickly direct visitors to the listings they require. 

Since rental information changes daily, the site can be instantly updated by web or mobile to reflect what properties are available. An agent can write out the listing, take photos and immediately load the data to the website. The new dynamic features allow for a more streamlined flow of information, which is beneficial to both Continental and its users.

Improved SEO has increased the ranking for Continental’s site for 150 keywords. Much of this improvement is due to fresh content and optimized content and alt text and meta descriptions that make it more easily indexed by search engine spiders. The improved user experience has resulted in more traffic and interaction, which also contributes to a better score. 

Most of all, the website is visually attractive to visitors. Large, sliding images capture the eye and draw a person in to begin searching and exploring. The front page presents Continental Real Estate Management, INC as an authority on rentals for college students and also provides rental application forms to save potential tenants an extra step. Continental’s web presence is now a positive experience for both agents and users.

While some businesses choose to stay with a stale, outdated design because of a fear of upgrading, this could be detrimental to both SEO and visitors. In most cases, updating a site is not complicated and the benefits of doing so can be seen immediately. Hiring experts in web design State College respects can transform a bland website into a modern showcase that boosts business and SEO.



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Typically, search engine optimization conjures images of on-site factors, such as page content and meta tags. Off-site content, however, can be just as important. Off-site pieces of a website play an important part of your page’s search engine ranking, but it can be tricky to navigate the minefield of tactics that will result in penalties and backfire on you. Here are five important tips to help you carefully and responsibly build a SEO campaign that includes off-site factors, here are 5 ways to improve SEO off-site tactics:

State College SEO

1. Build Slowly
It is tempting to begin building your back-site presence by adding hundreds of backlinks to your website immediately, but this will raise a red flag and potentially hurt your score. Focus instead on websites that fit into your business or blog and build your off-site presence with precision.

2. Diversity is Key
Utilizing the same sources, link types and anchor text over and over again will not help boost your score as much as you may hope. A common practice for SEO in the past was using the same hyperlink text back to your website over and over again, to boost your score for a particular term. After rampant abuse, however, search engines have changed their scoring system to prevent against this, making it important to utilize a variety of terms in your off-site links. Utilize a mixture of your brand name, competitive keywords and domain name to achieve best results.

3. Rejection is a Positive
If you have never been told ‘no’ when asking somebody for a backlink it means that you are playing it safe and not asking often enough. Being rejected often means you are pushing the boundaries and not leaving any ‘yes’ on the table. Focus on the websites that offer you quality backlinks instead of just asking the websites you know will say yes with no extra effort. Remembering that spamming backlinks at the beginning will raise a red flag, focus on quality over quantity when first building an off-site profile.

4. Share Carefully
Simply exchanging links with another website will not boost your rating very much. In the past it was easy to boost your off-site rating by trading links, but it was abused and is carefully monitored by search engines. A link for link deal will provide a boost to your numbers only if there is a legitimate reason for such an exchange. Find other ways to offer value to a website for providing you with a backlink, such as providing them with content to publish on their website.

5. Don’t Pay For Links
Paying somebody to help you with your overall SEO plan is not an issue, but paying just for links is a losing proposition. These links will be shared among anybody that pays for them and is an easy way to get flagged and receive a penalty towards your score. Instead, you should focus on sustainable, legitimate ways and let other businesses pay for that penalty.

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What You Should Know About Going Responsive


More than 50 percent of American adults use a smartphone. The vast majority of these smartphone owners use their phones to access the Internet regularly. The increasing reliance on the usage of mobile devices and tablets has led to a decline in the use of laptops and desktops. In response to the changes in screen sizes, modern websites are utilizing responsive web design. Responsive web design is a practice used by web developer to design websites that adapt to various screen resolutions.


What is Responsive Design?

Responsive design is one of the newest advances in website creation that allows the website adjust to the device as the user interacts with the page. Acknowledging the fact the more people are using tablets and mobile devices, responsive design is shifting from an exclusive use of laptop and desktop layouts to ones that include portrait and landscape layouts for tablet and mobile devices. Essentially, responsive design deals with adjustable screen resolutions. This technique has an impact on the website’s design, contact and visual presentation.

Technological advances in the production of touch screens has created multiple screen sizes. However, web developers still design for standard screen dimensions that include 1280 x 1024 pixels for desktop and 320 x 480 pixels for a smartphone. Despite these standard screen resolutions, each year a new selection of smartphones are released that make it impossible take a “one size fits all” approach to development. For examples of this, you only need to look at the differences in the phone sizes of various brands that are on the market. It is important for designers to monitor the changes in mobile devices so responsive design improves to handle the ever changing landscape.

Responsive Website Design State College PA


What Features Should My Responsive Design Site Include?

You will rarely find a mobile-optimized website that is an exactly the same as its standard, computer-based website. To answer this question, you should assess your website’s analytics. Notice what visitors are viewing on your website and envision what you want them to accomplish. Do your clients have an interested in mobile comer? Are they trying to find nearby business locations? Or, do they only want in your contact information? Regardless of their motivations, here are a few design tips to keep in mind when building a mobile site. You should include:

  • Create larger buttons that allows user to “tap” them with their fingers and thumbs.
  • Simplify the navigation. Choose the pages need to be included on the mobile site and leave out the ones that do not.
  • Have smaller file uploads to make loading easier and quicker.
  • Add a button that lets visitors click to contact by phone or e-mail.
  • The ability for visitors to locate your business using smartphone maps.
  • Limit the amount of text and use larger, more legible fonts.
Responsive Web Design 001

How Does Responsive Design Change My Site’s Images and Content?

A web developer will edit your images so they can be viewed on different-sized monitors, which will involve the cropping and scaling of every image. When you select images or think about the visuals that you want to create, consider how they will look on a small-sized screen. Highly-detailed photos and panoramic photos do not look good when they are viewed on a smartphone.

If your mobile site is not a blog or has product descriptions, avoid using a lot of descriptive copy. The content on your mobile site needs to be concise and require little scrolling. Try to limit your text to what can fit within the screen.


Responsive Web Design vs. Mobile Site. How are They Different?

The first difference you will notice of about a mobile site is the “m” or “mobile” distinction at the beginning of the URL. The “m” means that that the website is a secondary one built for use on a mobile device. At one point, mobile sites were the solution to handling mobile visitor traffic. However, recent technological advances have made his approach obsolete.


The Disadvantages of a Mobile-Only Site

  • Long Browser loading times
  • Weak SEO Performance
  • Limits on the amount of page options a visitor can browse
  • Site upgrades have to be made to the mobile and desktop individually. Because of this, the margin for human error increases.


Is Mobile Commerce a Viable Solution?

“M-Commerce” is still in its early stages,. However, if your company caters to millennials or techies, it might be worth looking into E-commerce on your mobile site. Access the habits of visitors on your computer-based website. Examine factors like shopping cart timeouts, the average purchase price and device type. If your website receives a considerable amount of sales, making it a mobile site will allow your customers to interact and make purchases from anywhere.


Is Responsive Web Design the Right Move for My Business?

With the increasing amounts of users accessing the internet with their cell phones, it is advantageous for B2B businesses to devote resources to responsive web design. Responsive web design will enhance your customers online experience. It is important to not merely consider the amount of mobile traffic your site receives, a successful site needs to also take the following factors into consideration:


Type of Visit

Take note of the pages your visitors access from their smartphones. Location, about and contact pages are the highest ranked pages in generic search results. Make it easier for visitors to communicate with your businesses by optimizing those pages with basic visuals, push to talk buttons and geo-location.


Type of Device

Google Analytics is now able to provide data that is categorized by device type. Understanding the type of smartphone your visitors use allows you take advantage of design opportunities geared toward that device when product updates arise.


Type of Design

Simply handing over your website’s desktop layout to a web developer is not a good idea. You could potential end up with a site that does that meet your expectations. Go to a web designer with concrete analytics that assess your site’s mobile experiences. In other words, you web designer’s focus and goals should be on creating simplified navigation, one-column views and linear displays.

Having a site that focuses on the user experience and tablet and mobile devices is an invaluable market strategy. Responsive design is comprised of two parts. The “responsive” element is centered around functionality of the site. The “design” aspect is instrumental to a successful mobile strategy. Your company should analyze its current web data to determine when building a responsive design should occur.



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I’ve been doing web development for about 10 years now and I love what I do. However, it isn’t very often that I get to work with a subject that I am truly passionate about like skiing. I’ve been skiing since about 7th grade and of all of the outdoor activities I enjoy skiing is by far my favorite. There is just something about the freedom and the flow of the sport that fascinates me. This is why when Mark Kogelmann, professional skier and owner of Soulryders Adventure Productions, contacted me and asked me for my opinion on his website I was ecstatic to be involved

web development Soulryders Old site screen shot



His question to me was “Can you look at my website and give me your opinion.” It was a pretty simple question with a rather complicated answer; one that I would try to answer as concisely as possible. It boiled down to four main problems: branding, corporate identity, call to action, and content organization.  First Branding: there simply wasn’t any. You couldn’t even find the company name or tagline located on the front page. I actually added the company name to their site prior to the redesign so people would know who they were. Corporate identity: it was very difficult to determine what business the company was in by visiting their website. There was no clear branding, taglines, or mission statement that told a visitor who they are or what they did. Call to action: there was nothing on the site that directed visitors into a course of action to interact with their content or purchase anything. Site organization of content was another major problem. The main page was a simple blog roll with no categorization or organization of content posts. This made it very difficult to find and scroll through content. This would result in users bouncing off the site to more engaging organized media outlets, most likely to his competition.


The solution was to build a new website that capitalized on the great video content being produced by Soulryders. We also engaged some of their athletes to write great articles about their amazing travels to add depth of content. We added several elements to the site to make it more engaging. We put rotating images at the top of the page to inform visitors of major new articles and events. Since Soulryders has many talented athletes, we put a featured athlete section to highlight athlete’s profiles prominently on the site. We broke up the content into different types so it’s easy for the user to find what they want. We’ve displayed the content in different categories on the front page and around the site in a “tiled” format.

Website Developement Soulrdyers New Site Screenshot



The problems with the previous site were solved in the following ways. Branding: we added a clear logo that stands out from the rest of the page with the company name designed into the logo so it’s clear to the user. Corporate Identity: this was also solved in with the addition of a tagline into the logo. “Adventure Video Productions” was added below the company name so it is now clear to the user what Soulryders does. This was also solved by adding clear content types within the site and menu structure. Call to action: this was addressed with the use of scrolling images and featured articles and videos that call the user to interact with them directly and create interest to return in the future. Content organization: dividing their content into clear categories and displaying it in well-organized areas on the front page and menu system solved this problem. It is now much easier for users to findcontent that matches their interest. Emphasis was also placed on making Soulryders look edgy and cool to fit the user demographic who will mostly be teens and young adults.


If you want to see more of the work we did on Soulryders, there website address is If you need web development or your site is in need of a redesign, don’t hesitate to contact us at our website via email at or by phone (814)826-1760. We can take your website from disastrous to dynamic!

Where's The ROI

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Investment: “the investing of money or capital in order to gain profitable returns, as interest, income, or appreciation in value.”

Web design investment: “the investing of money or capital to gain profitable returns, with gains of internet traffic or sales.”

Establishing an online presence is the key to success. The world has changed. People are not looking for businesses in magazine and newspaper ads anymore. Even less business is derived by storefront proximity. Indeed, many people shop for items that they used to get from brick and mortar stores because of the convenience it provides. This can be a positive for businesses. The consistent trend of shopping online increases a company’s reach, allowing them to market the goods and/or services to people from other region – even other countries. A company that does not have a website is virtually invisible to the majority of consumers. Likewise, a website that is not easily navigated, filled with pertinent data, and leads to an action will not be well received. That’s why companies should consider their website an investment rather than an expense. In that vein, it makes sense to work with a professional web designer to create a product that will suit your needs.

Marketing is important to both large and small businesses alike. Letting customers know about your business and capabilities makes the difference between being successful and failing. Often times, people patronize the same company over and over, not because they are enamored with the product, but because they don’t know there are any other options. Marketing opens the door to these customers and shows them there is variety in the marketplace. Small businesses should make their primary goal of Internet marketing to distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack.

Wed Design Investment


How can a web design company help?

Here are just some of the ways hiring a web design company helps customers put their best foot forward in the virtual marketplace:


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Increase overall traffic

If meta tags, HTML, Java, and jQuery are not things you eat, breathe, and sleep, you should hire someone who does. If a customer searches for a specific item using a search engine, results will populate in the order hat they are optimized. Without specific SEO strategies in place, your website will not appear on the front page of the search engine, and will, more than likely, not be seen.


Slick Design – Designed to increase visitors into converted business.

The days when you could make your website using a template are over. To remain competitive, your website has to be as polished as the others and possess better content than the competition. These days, a website is a business’ calling card – the face of the business. Many customers have their very first interaction with a company by accessing and using their website. It is imperative that the best representation of your business, products, and services be showcased. A well-laid out, informative, and aesthetically pleasing website conveys competence, whereas a synthetic rendition makes one wonder about the company’s reliability and longevity. Web design is a specialization for a reason. There are people who can make a dynamic website to suit your needs – let them focus on doing that while you focus on your core business.


Emphasize Your Strong Points – Visitors understand your CTA – (Call to Action)

Customers want to know what you are about quickly. They do not want to search multiple sub pages for information – they want to get what they are looking for fast and have information at their fingertips. A well designed website can showcase the benefits of using your business over a competitor’s business, your history, and the quality of your work. There’s no better place to speak of your achievements than on your website.


When you have a company design your website, you’re making an investment in your business’ future. Let us put our design skills to work for you!

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Our Love Affair with Pinterest
Pinterest is all the rage right now. Its cutting edge format allows people to market anything and everything, from home décor to crafting ideas to billable services. Initially a spot for individuals to post their wares and show off the things they came up with, now businesses are looking at Pinterest as a place to expand their web footprint.

Companies in State College and all over the world are starting to recognize Pinterest as a stellar marketing tool with the ability to reach diverse communities and demographics. If you are wondering about how Pinterest works and whether or not you can integrate Pinterest in your business, keep reading!

Get Organized

When people surf the web, they come across images that interest them. These images can be as varied as Christmas tree decorating ideas and how to change the oil in a car. Once found, the user either saves individual links or posts them to social media sites, where they get lost in the shuffle. Pinterest helps organize and share all of those searches in one place. Users can create collections and store images and details. For instance, they can search Pinterest for recipes and keep them in a recipe folder; they can plan a wedding and keep all the details associated with it in one place.

Give Ideas

Not only can users find things that they are interested in, but they can share their own ideas as well. This allows them to show their creative side.

Browse Other Boards

Users can also invite their friends to Pinterest and see what they are interested in. If one of their friends pins a board, which is how a collection is started, they can view it. This allows the user to become inspired by like-minded individuals and help them to develop their idea further.

Pinterest’s mission is to “to connect everyone in the world through the things they find interesting.” They are right on track. Women frequent Pinterest far more than men; it is reported that 85% of Pinterest users are women. Pinterest is growing by leaps and bounds. In March of 2013, they had 18.7 million unique visits. This is record-breaking growth considering that less than a year before, in May 2012, they reported only 4,500 unique visits.

Imagine the reach this provides your business.

How can you use this to your advantage? If you offer products or services that pertain to home design and décor, DIY crafting, or personal style, Pinterest could be a great platform for you. We can help you get started and introduce your business to the world of Pinterest. There are a lot of people out there who could benefit from what you have to offer and they are already in one spot. Let R&R Online Design help you reach them. Contact us today!