R&R Online Designs is fanatical about measurement, goals and results. How can you tell if what we are doing is working, or if we are doing a good job if what we do is not measured and reported back to you? This is where web analytics comes in. With any content marketing and branding strategy we will first begin by establishing your goals, what numbers you need us to deliver, and what tools we will use to measure our impact.

Google Analytics - measurable internet marketing results

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Pay-Per-Click Marketing

There is a famous saying in advertising: “I know 50% of my marketing is working, I just wish I knew which 50%.” Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing removes that confusion and gives you insight into what is going on with your marketing campaign at any given time. As one of the most efficient ways to advertise your business, PPC marketing has revolutionized the way that customers spend marketing dollars.

Market Knowledge

The combination of PPC marketing and Google Analytics allows business owners to view many data points including which ads have been clicked on, what keywords are being entered in search browsers, and how much time is spent on their website. PPC empowers businesses to plot their own course in ways that hadn’t existed before. Access to this information allows business owners to make informed decisions about where to focus their efforts and marketing budget.

Relatively Inexpensive

PPC marketing is affordable and accessible to the small business owner. For less that $300 per month, a business can craft a viable and comprehensive PPC plan. The low cost and the effectiveness of this tool make PPC the best choice for lead generation.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Paid search advertising is a great way to build traffic to your website and generate leads. SEO propagates at a slower pace, often taking months to make a true impact, whereas paid search advertising can generate leads in just a few days. R&R Online Design uses paid web marketing tactics, such as banner advertising, contextual advertising, and sponsored links to drive traffic to your website. Search engine marketing (SEM) can also be an effective way to boost your online visibility.

The R&R Online Design Team can develop an SEM strategy that is conducive to your needs and that suits your budget. Whether you choose sponsored links or banner advertising, the R&R Online Design Team will develop a combination of web marketing strategies to generate relevant traffic to your company website.

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