At R&R Online Designs we aim to ensure that every aspect of your experience with us is enjoyable. Our goal is to always deliver effective and professional results, without compromising on creativity and vision. We work hard to exceed your expectations.

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Ben Reeder

Ben Reeder



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Ken Roth

Ken Roth



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Just like Ken, Ben Reeder has an energy and enthusiasm for what he does that will leave you gasping for air. When it comes to internet marketing, Ben knows the industry is a brutal place, but he doesn’t let high demands stand in his way. His eye for detail and creativity, as well as professional attitude allows him to produce some exceptionally designed sites. He’s no slacker either; handling over 300 clients, he has provided some of the industry’s best SEO rich websites found on the web. In addition to being an exceptional web designer, Ben is also a professional photographer and can assist in providing your site with a gorgeous visual effect. Ben combines his marketing expertise with a flawless design that has his clients proclaiming victory. His knowledge of Mac usage and brand awareness lends credit to the fact that he not only knows how create great pages, he can load them up with so much content that all the search engines will be paying you take your site down because you continuously crash their servers. Check out his photography: Photographers in Lancaster PA

Ken not only has the professional experience you would expect from an internet marketing company, but the energy and stamina to see a project through to the very end. Ken’s ability to provide efficient client service comes backed with over ten years of website design experience, paired with an ample background in IT related services. Ken’s project management skills have earned him the right to claim some of the top projects for high profile clients, including highly acclaimed Ivy League Universities. His keen eye for attention to detail, along with his PC proficiency, will have you thinking your website was created by some desk jockey with nothing but time on his hands. The truth is, between juggling designs in Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, and Mogento, Ken stays active and puts his multi-tasking skills to good use. Your project is in good hands as long as Ken is on the job, whether you require highly qualified consultation, or just need someone to decipher the mess left by the last web design company, he has the experience, both professionally and personally, to get the job done right, the first time around.



“Ken and his team assessed our needs, gave us a well thought proposal, and delivered a top quality product on time. The website helped take us to the next level in terms of branding and communication with our customers. The site is scalable and has worked well with other efforts such as SEO and YouTube. They helped train our team so we can manage much of the content on our own and are readily available to troubleshoot when we get in over our heads. These guys and gals are pros.”


authorChip Kogelmann
President & CEO, Alpinecutters


“We started creating our own website to market our products to a wider audience, and soon found that creating effective websites takes a lot of skill.  Ken and his company helped us figure out what we wanted and then put together an incredible site, that incorporates everything we requested and has even more functionality we can deploy in the future!  Ken really understood what we were looking for, and was very attentive to our requests and gave us a real vision of his creativity, and we were able to collectively create a very effective and beautiful site!  We are extremely happy with the end product and do receive quite a few compliments on a consistent basis!  We will definitely continue working with Ken in the future as well as suggesting him to anyone we know who would like a great-looking website!”


Head Shot 003Pablo Rivera
Founder, Company




“Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Ben and his team are by far the best SEO professional I have ever worked with. His team is incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated and that shows in everything he does. The SEO, continued updates and site changes they have managed have made our business thrive. We are now on their monthly program and it more than pays for itself. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to rank well and do business with an incredibly ethical person. THANK YOU R&R for your expertise, candor, and your passion in what you do! You are truly exceptional.”


Head Shots 002Bill Johns
Annapolis MD


“Can’t thank you enough
Rankings are getting better. We are receiving more calls. Have further to go, but you definitely ROCK! We are consistently asked who does our SEO work and we give them your name and your contact information. Thank you,”


Head Shots 001CP
Lancaster PA