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Typically, search engine optimization conjures images of on-site factors, such as page content and meta tags. Off-site content, however, can be just as important. Off-site pieces of a website play an important part of your page’s search engine ranking, but it can be tricky to navigate the minefield of tactics that will result in penalties and backfire on you. Here are five important tips to help you carefully and responsibly build a SEO campaign that includes off-site factors, here are 5 ways to improve SEO off-site tactics:

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1. Build Slowly
It is tempting to begin building your back-site presence by adding hundreds of backlinks to your website immediately, but this will raise a red flag and potentially hurt your score. Focus instead on websites that fit into your business or blog and build your off-site presence with precision.

2. Diversity is Key
Utilizing the same sources, link types and anchor text over and over again will not help boost your score as much as you may hope. A common practice for SEO in the past was using the same hyperlink text back to your website over and over again, to boost your score for a particular term. After rampant abuse, however, search engines have changed their scoring system to prevent against this, making it important to utilize a variety of terms in your off-site links. Utilize a mixture of your brand name, competitive keywords and domain name to achieve best results.

3. Rejection is a Positive
If you have never been told ‘no’ when asking somebody for a backlink it means that you are playing it safe and not asking often enough. Being rejected often means you are pushing the boundaries and not leaving any ‘yes’ on the table. Focus on the websites that offer you quality backlinks instead of just asking the websites you know will say yes with no extra effort. Remembering that spamming backlinks at the beginning will raise a red flag, focus on quality over quantity when first building an off-site profile.

4. Share Carefully
Simply exchanging links with another website will not boost your rating very much. In the past it was easy to boost your off-site rating by trading links, but it was abused and is carefully monitored by search engines. A link for link deal will provide a boost to your numbers only if there is a legitimate reason for such an exchange. Find other ways to offer value to a website for providing you with a backlink, such as providing them with content to publish on their website.

5. Don’t Pay For Links
Paying somebody to help you with your overall SEO plan is not an issue, but paying just for links is a losing proposition. These links will be shared among anybody that pays for them and is an easy way to get flagged and receive a penalty towards your score. Instead, you should focus on sustainable, legitimate ways and let other businesses pay for that penalty.

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